a new addition

Last night, we had a new addition to our crew... a little fuzzy hamster. We were considering getting one to entertain Neko, so we picked one out. He has got to be the most energetic thing ever! All I could hear, was his running around the cage and on his wheel. Neko was so fascinated by him, watching him run around, and around. I want to get one of those balls to put him in, and let Neko go crazy!! My hottie decided to name him Boris, as he was a "russian" hamster, one of those little tiny ones, not the big ones that look like rats. I think it's so cute when he gets into a little defensive ball! teh best thing is, he's not afraid of Neko! She kept sticking her nose in the cage, and he would just sniff her. She sneezed on him twice this morning... I might have to return him if she's allergic.

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