Cat devices

I know, I have strange acronyms and terms for anything and everything cat-related. I'll share some of them, maybe you cat people will like some of these, and might even use them! CSD: cat-spraying device, or in other terms, a spray bottle (my most used one) CR: cat-restraint, a cat harness CCD: cat-containment device, or a pet taxi CEU: cat-entertainment unit, or a parer bag/cardboard box Cat-stopping device: a door stopper, although it doesn't really stop the cat, just prevents it from closing the door and getting locked out of the bathroom. Cat-refueling station: the area where food and water bowls are placed. Cat restroom: self-explanatory. Lastly, I have a sign in my window that says "This apartment is protected by FSA." It seems like it's an alarm company, but it means Feline Security Agent. She will meow and wake us all up!!! I know you must be wondering why I came up with these, it was Neko's intelligence that made me. One day, I said to her, "you scratch the screen again, and I'll use the cat spraying device". As she heard the last 3 words, she took off, and hid under the table! Now, if I say CSD, she won't know, but it's just a matter of time until she catches on!!!

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