Cat devices

I know, I have strange acronyms and terms for anything and everything cat-related. I'll share some of them, maybe you cat people will like some of these, and might even use them! CSD: cat-spraying device, or in other terms, a spray bottle (my most used one) CR: cat-restraint, a cat harness CCD: cat-containment device, or a pet taxi CEU: cat-entertainment unit, or a parer bag/cardboard box Cat-stopping device: a door stopper, although it doesn't really stop the cat, just prevents it from closing the door and getting locked out of the bathroom. Cat-refueling station: the area where food and water bowls are placed. Cat restroom: self-explanatory. Lastly, I have a sign in my window that says "This apartment is protected by FSA." It seems like it's an alarm company, but it means Feline Security Agent. She will meow and wake us all up!!! I know you must be wondering why I came up with these, it was Neko's intelligence that made me. One day, I said to her, "you scratch the screen again, and I'll use the cat spraying device". As she heard the last 3 words, she took off, and hid under the table! Now, if I say CSD, she won't know, but it's just a matter of time until she catches on!!!
I wonder if anyone even looks at my blog, there are no counters to keep track, and no one has left any comments (although it is better that way, people can be rude). Oh well, it's here for you to enjoy, as you please. Neko has been acting really strange lately, and I think she could be in heat again. She talks incessantly, complains about being lonely and frustrated, so on and so forth. I've had to use my CSD (cat-spraying device) on her just to shut her up. She doesn't like it, but it has to be done, and I don't like doing it either. I have never heard such a thing in my life, and now I know why people don't like horny cats! Although, it definitely beats the whining and crying of a baby... I am genuinely afraid of those. Probably one of the few things that will scare me, along with bees, wasps, and other ugly flying bugs. I'm just letting my fingers do the talking here. I hope Neko behaves tonight, or she gets the CSD again!!(I'll let my hottie use it, he likes that thing, and abuses it).
I have this odd craving for sushi now. I mean , I haven't had it in a month or so! I'll have to get some this weekend, before heading to the big party downtown... Sushi o kudasai!!
Here I am, at work again, just bored out of my mind. I shouldn't complain though, as it could be much worse. At least, I have some time to think around here. When I get home, it's constantly a rush, just being in such a hurry all the time. Between working out, cat time, and all the other daily routines, it feels like there are just not enough hours in a day, which is why I blog from here. I hardly touch my home PC. Once again, I have to ask myself, why do we do this? Society has imposed this on us, and there is no way around it. I'm just going to keep on working, but that is it. I've decided that I'm not going to fall into the family trap that so many of us are slaves to. I want cats, not kids, and I will have more cats, once I get a bigger place. That will be sweet. I'll dedicate myself to beings that will not hurt me. Well, that's my opinion.


cat kisses

Neko has the potential to be one of the most annoying things living in my home (my boyfriend takes 1st place, though). This morning, at around 3 or so, she starts purring and giving me cat kisses... How irritating!!! First of all, this is such a bad time, no one in my building is awake at this hour, and they shouldn't be!! Secondly, what is the point of Neko kissing me at this time? If she wants to show her love for me, do it during normal waking hours!!! I tell her to cut it out, and she just looks at me and laments... I mean, she is an alarm clock that goes off at 5 am, weekday or not, and that's fine. But cat kisses at 3 am? Give me a break!!


To activate Web Neko, just click on her.

Look at the upper left corner... there's Web Neko!!


I just decided to change the title so that it would be more representative of what I think. What's the meaning of all this? I mean, we compete with everyone, for no reason at all, and we get nowhere at the end of it. I came to this realization, while driving home last night. I got cut off, and road raged at, for what? So that we can get home, wake up tomorrow and do it all again? Now, I'm not being preachy or anything, but why is everyone so bitter? I don't go around getting pissed at anyone or anything, cause it's a waste of time. I just mind my own business, and try to lead an inoffensive life. Now, this will give you more insight into why I'm such an animal lover. They don't judge you, or offend you in any way. I have never heard a dog diss me, or a cat pick on me.
I decided to change the look of my blog. I don't really like any of these templates that much, but as they say, black goes with anything.


I'm just looking over my blog, & I've noticed there are so many typos!!!! I don't intentionally do this, but it just happens, when I'm trying to type at lightning speed so that I don't get caught. I mean, I am at work here!

skate deck pt. 2

I'm almost done painting my skate deck, and it's looking SWEET!!! A light blue background, with a big-ass orange koi fish, and a tribal design behind it. I enede up getting trucks and wheels last night, so it should be complete tomorrow!!! Things are so much nicer when you design them yourself!


At Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge, there is a land of meadows,hills and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.There is always food and water and warm Spring weather. Those old and frail animals are young again. Those who have been maimed are made whole again. They play all day with each other. Some of them here by the Bridge are different. These pets were beaten, starved, tortured, and unloved. They watch wistfully as their friends leave one by one,to cross the bridge with their special person. For them there is no one, no special one. Their time on earth did not give them one. But one day, as they run and play,they notice someone standing by the road to the bridge. This person wistfully watches the reunions of friends,for during life, this person had no pet. This person was beaten, starved, tortured, and unloved. Standing there alone, one of the unloved pets approaches,curious as to why this one is alone. And as the unloved pet and the unloved person get nearer to each other,a miracle occurs, for these are the ones who were meant to be together,the special person and the beloved pet who never had the chance to meet while on Earth. Finally, now, at the edge of the Rainbow Bridge, their souls meet,the pain and the sorrow disappears, and two friends are together. They cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated. Author - Unknown I'm not really into poetry, but I thought this was nice.

skate deck

Well, I've thought of what I want to design, and I made a sketch of it. I'm going to paint a koi fish (probably orange) with a black tribal design behind it, and a tag at the bottom that says "sushi". I was surfing the net for inspiration, and I thought that was the most original thing to be on a skate deck. I'll take a pic of it once it's done and post it on here. After work, I want to go check out some trucks and wheels for this. It's just for cruising, not for tricks or anything. I might get some new grip tape as well... I want this to be the sweetest recycled skateboard thee is!!!


Here's a story I forgot to tell... the pigeon that I found on Friday night. It was late, around 10 or so, and we were headed out to go clubbing. In our building parking lot, there was this pigeon just lying there, not moving. I went up to it, and noticed that it was still alive, but hurt. We tried to move it, but it got all agitated and was flapping around, and couldn't take off. We picked it up, and hid it in the grass right by. We came home a few hours later, and I was concerned about his well-being. I mean, no living being (other than mean, rude, nasty people) deserves to suffer that way. I didn't want him to get eaten by a raccoon or have a crow pick his eyes out! I convinced my boyfriend to help me do this, so we found a box, put the bird in it, and put him in my trunk. I called the by-law services,and they gave me the number for a wild bird care centre. Saturday morning, I checked on Pidgey, and he was still alive and strong. I called the centre, to let them know we were coming, then we went over and dropped him off. The lady there said he could survive, and told me to call back in 2 days to see how he was doing. I'll keep you posted on this, but what was the best part of this, was hearing Pidgey talk to me on my way out of the centre. As I was leaving, he let out a little "proo", which I'm sure, is his way of saying "thank you".

another day

Here I am, at work again, another long day in this place... If only I would have some work to do, that would definitely pass the time. The weekend was nice, just chilling with Neko, hearing her express herself. I've been busy creating a design for my skate deck, which I intend to paint, and have on the road by this weekend! I think i should either do a tribal design, or "Mitsu*Neko" in graffiti font... decisions, decisions. Anyways, the Sens will be playing Game 1 tonight against the Ducks, how exciting!!! I might just head downtown tonight to see all the commotion for myself, instead of watching it all at home. Maybe I'll take Neko with me, she likes going out. Anyways, time to make some Origami, it's what I do when I'm bored at work, then, as more staff decides to show up, I'll ask if they could use my help...I get paid a lot to do nothing but blog all day!



Nihao!! I'm Neko, Mitsu's little cat!!! Have you ever heard that fantastic cat song? "Fantastic Cat, I am a cat that's like a girl" that was about me!!! I like playing with paper balls, talking, and sunbathing. It gets boring here when my people are out, so I sometimes have cat parties...They can't understand where all the catnip comes from!! mrr! Right now, I'm just being cute!! meow!!! I;m just glad that Mitsu picked me, I would not want to be in a house where it's not all about me-ow!! That's it for now, I have to go run all over the couches, and bug everyone!!! mrrow! NeKo


I've been talking about my cat, but I didn't mention that I own 9 fish as well. My bettas have got to be my favorites, as they actually have personality. Last summer, I had a blue betta named Sushi. He had to be the smartest fish around. He learned to come to the surface when I called his name, he would follow my finger and flare up on command. I didn't meet Neko yet, so I spent about 15 minutes each day, playing with him before feeding him. Unfortunately, Sushi was lonely. He was alone with only a chinese algae eater, who would not pay any attention to him. One day, I came home, and I didn't see him. I asked my boyfriend, "Where's Sushi"?!! He found Sushi on the floor, dehydrated but still alive. We put him in a glass of water, and added some stress coat. He swam around a bit, but his fins were all stiff, not flowing like they should be. The next morning, Sushi died. Poor Sushi, attempting suicide like that. In a couple of days, I went to Petsmart to get another betta. I wanted a smart one, so I picked out the 3 best looking ones, pushed their cups together, and waited to see who would flare first. The one who did, was a spiky-finned red betta, who seemed very active. I chose him, and took him home. We named him Sashimi. Sashimi is still alive, up until now (it's been 9 months) and is as agressive as ever. He's not smart, as he flares, all day, at nothing but the wall, but he will come to the surface when I come close. He attacks his food, as if he thinks he's a piranha or something. He only lives to fight, I think. Oh well, at least I can rest assured that a dumb, angry fish will not commit suicide, but to be sure, I've put a lid on the aquarium!

1 more hour!!

The day has been so dead here!!! Everyone's away on meetings, and since it's Friday, they've all deserted early!! Personally, I'm going to be good, and stay for 1 more hour, like I should. The weather is absolutely freaking sweet!!! 30C degrees outside!! I've been waiting all year for this, but as you know, Neko is complaining. Yesterday, she went on about how it's too hot under her fur, and wah wah wah! I threatened her with a cold shower, that shut her up fast! Now, if only people were that easy to deal with. I'm probably going to end up posting lots up here before I head out, as there is no one in except my boss, and she's downstairs. Now to keep this short and sweet.
This is Neko, my cat and best buddy. She always has a lot to say, as she's quite opinionated and has an attitude. I've had cats in the past, but none have communicated with me like Neko has. She's the one who told me to start a blog, so that I could get her face out there. I mean, my Facebook page is mostly Neko pics, along with a couple of me and my friends. What can I say? She wants desperately to be a star, and the centre of attention!!

Konnichi Wa!

Hey there! This is Mitsu, and I'm just creating my new blog, while bored out of my mind at work. Neko is at home right now, probably having another cat party as I'm out for 10 hours... Anyhoo, just getting into this...thought it would help pass the time. About me: I'm a government worker in Ottawa, Canada (no surprise there!) living with 2 pets: my boyfriend, and my cat, Neko (who will post here later). I must admit... I'm a hockey-crazed cat lady, and I will post the pictures to prove it! Well, I should go for now, I don't wanna get caught, or else they may block tis site too... Sayonara!! ~GO SENS GO!!!!!!~