So, I'll be 22 tomorrow, but it really does not make much of a difference at this point. In the workplace, the magic number is 25, that's when you start getting taken seriously and you get a little more respect. I don't feel like I'm gettig that much older, and I feel older than 22, with all this stress in my life. Most people my age are still partying, in Uni, and having a good time. I graduated last June, and now I feel a bit ahead of myself. It's true. I've never seen it this way before, but I do have all older friends, my hottie is older than me, and probably the only young things that I do, are playing video games, skating and clubbing... I don't want to waste my life, but it's been done. I'm living the life of a 32-year old instead. But this is the way it will always be, as I'm not going to have any kids, or anything like that. So, maybe when I'm old, I'll feel like I'm living the life of someone younger. Well, it's all good, it's ok being the crazy young cat lady.

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