My Commie Cat

I think that Neko could be a communist. It's not just me, my hottie thinks so too. She likes to sleep on this red blanket, and prefers red toys to other colours (which is odd, as cats are colourblind). She keeps calling me Mao, as well. I know, she's just meowing, but most of the time, it comes out as "Mao". It's strange, as I believed that cats were not politically inclined in any way, shape or form. Why couldn't she be a conservative, like me? We're trying to figure out how she became a commie. Maybe she was born in a communist house, where they talked about Mao all the time, but how could she know about him? He died over 30 years ago! Well, we might just be over analyzing this, as she also says "meow", "may", "no", "myeah", and "miai". Cats have various vocalizations, but it's kind of creepy when she's in heat, howling, and going "Mao, Mao, Mao". We'll never know about her political affiliations, as cats don't vote or campaign in elections.

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