Falling asleep

It's now 11:37, and I'm falling asleep. I'm trying to make it through, but the cold has got the best of me. I don't know why we have such extreme conditions here... just 1 more day. I'm not excited about leaving, but I'll be glad not to freeze. It has just been the most boring day ever. I haven't had anything to do, and I'm sick of surfing the net and playing sudoku. How can cats do it? Just sitting around at home all day? I suppose it's not so bad for them, they can at least find stuff to entertain themselves. I know that Neko has parties, as the radio's always turned up when I get home. I turn it on low when I leave, so how does it get so loud? Cats have strange ways. *yawns* When will this day end? I'd much rather have work, than to sit around like this!!! My head is aching with boredom! It's driving me up the wall! I'm also freezing my ass off! Ok, now I'm getting too exclamation-point happy. I'll try and slip out early again, as there's nothing to keep me here. I'll leave at 1530. I'm planning on getting a hair cut this aft, as it's now too long to spike >_<. This is pissing me off. I'm just rambling on here, trying to kill time. No wonder no one reads my blog, it's just senseless rantings of me on Prozac. I think I'll make up a story later, or maybe a poem or something. Most likely about cats, or maybe some more cat devices.

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