Smashed up

Yesterday, I didn't post anything, as I had a nasty little accident. I jumped off my board, then twisted my ankle out. That hurt like a bitch, and now the rest of my week off is screwed! I have to use crutches to get around, I can't maneuver the damn things!!! I can't drive either, not until Monday, when I go back to work. My hottie doesn't want me moving around much, but I still get up and limp around my flat. There's just nothing else to do. I want to do stuff on the weekend, and I think I'll be ok with just a brace on. I hate those freaking crutches!!! I intend on recovering fast, but I don't think I'll be skating for a while after this. Oh well, I'm going to do my nails now, there's nothing else to do sitting around here.

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