The little black duckie

I was mentioning earlier that I possess the power of the little black duckie. Well, let me explain. It was Satruday night, so my hottie and I went downtown to watch the Sens game on the street. They were playing the Ducks, and in a slump again. We were strolling down Elgin St, and we passed the Sugar Mountain candy store. I was disussing getting a "dead duck" earlier in the week, but I hadn't acted on it. So, we went in, asked the girl if they sold any, and she wasn't sure, but she checked. It was the last one, in the window. Apparently, they were pretty popular for Sens fans. They're black, with a pale green beak, with blood dripping out one corner, and x's for eyes. I bought it, then put it on a shoelace to make a noose. It had to have some sort of power, because as soon as I did that, and went up and down the street showing it to people, the Sens started scoring, and took the lead! Sweet! i think the Ducks got one in that time, but it was done. The Sens won 5-3. After the game, everyone on the street was going crazy, and we just walked around, cheering, and I was pointing at the duckie on a noose, getting cheers and laughs form passers by. It was a great night. We got tired of walking at about 1 am, so we got back in our car, and drove around honking, like everyone else (the game ended at about 11pm, but everyone was still pumped). I had the dead duckie hanging out the window (tied to my hand), and still getting cheers. At the corner, when we passed by, someone snatched it right out of my hand!! I felt a strong tug on it as we went by. No one had tried to take it from a moving car before, and we passed many crowds! I went back to see if I had just dropped it, but it was gone. We just gave up and went home. Last night, when the Sens lost again, it dawned on me... that duckie was lucky! I mean, it was the last one there, and the Sens came back after it was in my possession! Then again, it's not just any lucky device, I held the power of the little black duckie. It's powerless in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, it is in the wrong hands, and there is no way to get it back before tomorrow. I can't just buy another one, as it does not have any powers. It was only this one that was enchanted. Oh well, let's hope the Sens can do it without the duckie in my possession...Now, to wait and see.

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