What the hell is this?! I click on the "next blog" icon, and it takes me to porn sites? Come on! Blogger should not allow this kind of content on here. Now, I'm freaked, cause WebSense blocked it, and I don't want it to seem like I was looking at that! Well, this can prove as evidence, and if they really want to question me about it, I'll just click on the "next blog" icon.
The internet was created as a space for information, education and artistic expression. Meow I know some people will argue that porn is an artform, but I disagree completely. It's demeaning, and disgusting. I'll look for another blog hosting site, and move Ottawa Meow Meow. Neko and I will not have any part in this. We have had it.
Just finished another sudoku puzzle in no time... I've been told to sign up for a solving competition, but that's just not my thing. I do theses to relieve stress, not add more, and I don't seek competition. It's everywhere in life, so why seek it?
Anyways, we're in the middle of a heat wave, which doesn't faze me one bit, but I feel for Neko. She has to wear that thick fur coat of hers, doesn't like water, and lives in a flat without a/c. I give her ice cubes in her water dish, leave the fan on, and shut the blinds. I'll give her an ice pack to lie on when I get home. I don't like to see pets suffer. Anyone who walks their dog in this heat without bringing water for them, or leaves them alone in a hot car, should be forced to put on a dog costume, fur and all, and be subjected to the same conditions. Not so funny meow, is it? This would be a better deterrent than fines and tickets. I mean, they pay, then they might do it again, but if they were forced to wear a dog suit, and sit in a hot car, then they might remember.
I don't know about anyone else, but I think some members of society are on the decline. Not all, but some. In the news yesterday, some guy beat his daughter's pregnant cat to death. Meow, what kind of sick and twisted individual is that? Beating a cat? A pregnant cat? I'd like to beat him with a tire iron if I could, but it would not be worth the jail time. News like that just makes me really sick, and it takes a lot to get me this angry, as I usually display indifference towards the news.
Well, that's enough of that. Shit happens, that's why toilets were invented.


Cat sounds

It's amazing to hear the wide range of sounds that cats make. Neko has at least 20 different vocalizations, if not more. If I figure out how to put audio on here, I will upload some. for example, she goes "mrr" when she jumps, "mmphh" when she gets a shot, and let's not forget her heat noises that keep everyone on our floor up all night! I have never heard anything like it, and I've pretty much owned cats all my life. Although, the cats of the 21st century are much smarter than those born before. The cat downstairs goes "row row roww?" when I call his name. It's like he's trying to talk. I should do some research and studies on cat sounds, as it could be interesting and useful to know.
I don't know what to write here, so it's time to let the fingers take over. Let's see... I've written countless times about cats, communist cats, how everything at home reveolves around Neko.., mao mao mao. Well, this is a cat blog, written by a real live kitsune, so what else can I say? things are going good here at work, I don't have anyone hovering over my shoulder like at my last job... that was just too much pressure for me. this is a welcome change. The creative cats don't meow when I'm under stress, so they're back now.

day 2

it's day 2, and so far, so good. They've been giving me things to do that are constructive, and help pass the time. This will be a good month. Next week, it will be a long weekend, as Canada day is sunday, so I get Monday off!! Sweet. I can take Neko for a bike ride around the museum grounds (close to my complex). She would like that. She likes to get out, but is deathly afraid of other cats. I think we'll go pick some strawberries this evening, after work. It will have cooled down by then, and we'll have some sweet local berries. (no other cats there, either). I don't understand why Neko likes doing people things, and not cat things. She must think she's human, just cause I can communicate with her.


working again!

Well, today is my first day at my new contract, and it seems to be going well. It's not very complicated. It's so nice to finally be out of the house, and working. I have an hour for lunch, so that gives me plenty of time to go to the library, and walk around downtown. I think I'll enjoy this month. Too bad I don't get paid until next week, when my contract will be half-over. At least I don't have all those blockers on here, I can work on my cv, and not get stuck again.


Neko, can you see the difference?

I sure can!!! I mean, Neko, I am not Mao! For the last millionth time, stop calling me that!! You can say Meow, or Mew, which is a lot closer to Mitsu, than Mao!!! You little commie cat!!! It's starting to get annoying, Neko. I'll have to get your eyes checked if you keep this up.

My keyboard is pissing me off!!

I have one of those bilingual keyboards, and it automatically switched to French mode, while I was typing up my last post. Maybe I can go back and fix it....


I have sweet news!! I landed tix to go see Benny Benassi at Heaven, on July 22nd!!! SWEET!!! I'm really into electronic music, and the last time he was in Ottawa, it was sold out. Meow, I found out early, and managed to get some tix! They were 40$ each, and the show's not till next month, so they might be more later. But I have absolutely no intention of selling these, I am going there to have fun, and listen to some kick ass beats!! I'm going with my hottie, of course. Sorry Neko, but cats aren't allowed in the club. You'll just have to make do with listening to my Cd's.


Smashed up

Yesterday, I didn't post anything, as I had a nasty little accident. I jumped off my board, then twisted my ankle out. That hurt like a bitch, and now the rest of my week off is screwed! I have to use crutches to get around, I can't maneuver the damn things!!! I can't drive either, not until Monday, when I go back to work. My hottie doesn't want me moving around much, but I still get up and limp around my flat. There's just nothing else to do. I want to do stuff on the weekend, and I think I'll be ok with just a brace on. I hate those freaking crutches!!! I intend on recovering fast, but I don't think I'll be skating for a while after this. Oh well, I'm going to do my nails now, there's nothing else to do sitting around here.



This morning, I got the best wake-up call ever!!! I found out that I got the secretary job at CDIC!!! Freaking SWEET!!! I start Monday, so at least I get to enjoy the rest of this week off, without all the stress. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, so they say. I'm glad cause it's all good timing, and I beat out the other candidates.... I can't believe it! I mean, I've been crap in interviews before, but this was much easier. It wasn't one of those "what do you have to offer, where will you be in 5 years" types of interview. It was more or less, do you have experience in this, and they made me speak French to see how good it was. Must have been ok, otherwise they wouldn't have given me the contract. Meow, to enjoy the nice weather.


My Commie Cat

I think that Neko could be a communist. It's not just me, my hottie thinks so too. She likes to sleep on this red blanket, and prefers red toys to other colours (which is odd, as cats are colourblind). She keeps calling me Mao, as well. I know, she's just meowing, but most of the time, it comes out as "Mao". It's strange, as I believed that cats were not politically inclined in any way, shape or form. Why couldn't she be a conservative, like me? We're trying to figure out how she became a commie. Maybe she was born in a communist house, where they talked about Mao all the time, but how could she know about him? He died over 30 years ago! Well, we might just be over analyzing this, as she also says "meow", "may", "no", "myeah", and "miai". Cats have various vocalizations, but it's kind of creepy when she's in heat, howling, and going "Mao, Mao, Mao". We'll never know about her political affiliations, as cats don't vote or campaign in elections.
I had an interview this morning at CDIC, hopefully I'll have the job...Just a matter of waiting now. If I do get it, I'll start next Monday. Now, moving on to other things, I accomplished the impossible this weekend... I learned to ride a bike!!! It's pretty tricky to learn at my age, but with the help of some websites, and my persistent hottie, I was doing circles around our complex last night!!! I bought an old beater for 40$ on Friday night, stripped it down, took all the nasty ass pink paint off of it, and repainted it blue. It runs great!! Now, I have to go fix the squeaky brakes. I tried coasting on Saturday night, and last night, I could push off, pedal around, and jump speed bumps!! This goes to show that you're never too old to learn anything new.


I don't know how someone can willingly not work. It's only been my 3rd day now, and I'm bored and stressed. I'll call some of the agencies, and tell them that I'll take anything except service at this point. I have a car to pay for, rent, food, bills etc. I can't just sit around. It's making me rip my hair out!!!


Horny cat

(this is a parody of Fantastic Cat, inspired by Neko).
Horny cat,
why do you strut 'round like that?
Horny cat,
why must you call like that?
Hoo hoo hoo, horny cat!
Horny cat,
you howl and keep me up all night!
Horny cat,
look, the way you act just isn't right!
Hoo hoo hoo, horny cat!
You are a cat that's in heat today,
rolling on the floor making a funny face.
Little cat, with no other interests,
than getting a tom cat to bang you in here!
Horny cat,
you've been at this over a week.
Horny cat,
you are a sex-crazed furry freak!
Hoo hoo, you're a horny cat!
Are you OK? Here we go!
Horny cat,
one day I'm gonna get you fixed.
Horny cat,
I want to get a good night's sleep.
Hoo hoo, horny cat!
Horny cat,
What gets you so turned on like that?
Horny cat,
Is it the weather that we've got?
Hoo, horny cat! Horny cat,
why do you strut 'round like that?
Horny cat,
why must you call like that?
Hoo hoo, hoo hoo, Hoo hoo, hoo hoo,
Hoo hoo, you're a horny cat!
Horny cat, horny cat (fades out).


well, I've only heard from one agency today, and it's not a sure thing... I hate it when they do that. Now, if I don't hear back, I should give them a shout... I think I'll do that now. I'll never quit another job again, as long as it's not in the service industry. I probably didn't get this one, as I don't have experience, blah blah blah.


Stress, Stress, Stress...

Tomorrow's Monday, and I still don't have anything lined up yet. I got such short notice, I mean, how are you supposed to find a job in 1 week? Even the agencies need more time than that... I'm just absolutely positively sick and tired of this! I would usually be in bed by now, but the stress is getting to me, and I can't sleep (or type without making typos). I hate having to pop pills all the time, especially since you can become dependent on them. I have different kinds, that I alternate in between, as to not create a dependency. I was doing great for the past 3 months, i only needed one occasionally. I guess the sleep problems come up when I am under stress. Now, to turn off the PC and try to enjoy some manga while waiting for these suckers to take effect...Then it will all be spacey and trippy, maybe I will dream of little fuzzy balls, and wake up and find myself in the defensive ball position...

More things that cats do for us

Keep us entertained.
Make us laugh uncontrollably when chasing a fly.
Act as conversation starters when you're walking your cat.
Help us forget about life's stresses.
Provide free extermination services.
Warm up our chairs for us.
Give us the talent of understanding cat-anese.
Sense things for us, like when a storm is coming.
Give cat kisses.

What Cats Do For Us

Warm our laps.

Give us someone to talk to.

Help reduce high blood pressure.

Bring the winter air inside, nestled in their coats.

Create a kindred feeling with other "cat people".

Make us more aware of birds.

Donate their services as alarm clocks.

Display daring acrobatic feats right in front of our eyes.

Contribute to living a longer life.

Make a window sill more beautiful.

Keep mice on the run.

Make us smile.

Inspire poets and playwrights.

Teach us how to land on our feet.

Let us indulge our desires to really spoil someone.

Make our homes warmer.

Remind us that life is mysterious.

Share with us the all-is-well experience of purring.

Instruct us in the luxurious art of stretching.

Show us how to lick our wounds and go on.

Give us cool cartoon characters.

Make even an old worn couch look beautiful.

Open our hearts.




So, I'll be 22 tomorrow, but it really does not make much of a difference at this point. In the workplace, the magic number is 25, that's when you start getting taken seriously and you get a little more respect. I don't feel like I'm gettig that much older, and I feel older than 22, with all this stress in my life. Most people my age are still partying, in Uni, and having a good time. I graduated last June, and now I feel a bit ahead of myself. It's true. I've never seen it this way before, but I do have all older friends, my hottie is older than me, and probably the only young things that I do, are playing video games, skating and clubbing... I don't want to waste my life, but it's been done. I'm living the life of a 32-year old instead. But this is the way it will always be, as I'm not going to have any kids, or anything like that. So, maybe when I'm old, I'll feel like I'm living the life of someone younger. Well, it's all good, it's ok being the crazy young cat lady.

tired of this

I'm beginning to get tired of it here, and the closer my end date gets, the more I want to leave. I can sense something here, and it doesn't feel right. It's almost like being paranoid, as if the wall have ears (which they most likely do). This place is a gossip farm, no doubt about it, and being the youngest here does not work in my favour. This is why we should have diverse workplaces, with a variety of ages and genders. (it's all women here, which can explain a lot). You never know who is with you, or against you. This is almost like office Survivor. I just want to be in a healthier work environment.

When Cats Kiss

This is what it feels like when cats kiss,

Whiskers tickling your face,

Little wet tongue on your neck.

This is what it sounds like when cats kiss,

Purring noises in your ears,

Meows waking you from your deep sleep.

This is what it looks like when cats kiss,

A cat face really close to yours,

Yellow eyes staring intently.

This is what it is when cats kiss.

Beware of Cat v.2

Remember I mentioned the smoke alarm test on the 5th? this was my sign:
Beware of Cat
this was the response:
Thanks for warning us! That cat is vicious!

Falling asleep

It's now 11:37, and I'm falling asleep. I'm trying to make it through, but the cold has got the best of me. I don't know why we have such extreme conditions here... just 1 more day. I'm not excited about leaving, but I'll be glad not to freeze. It has just been the most boring day ever. I haven't had anything to do, and I'm sick of surfing the net and playing sudoku. How can cats do it? Just sitting around at home all day? I suppose it's not so bad for them, they can at least find stuff to entertain themselves. I know that Neko has parties, as the radio's always turned up when I get home. I turn it on low when I leave, so how does it get so loud? Cats have strange ways. *yawns* When will this day end? I'd much rather have work, than to sit around like this!!! My head is aching with boredom! It's driving me up the wall! I'm also freezing my ass off! Ok, now I'm getting too exclamation-point happy. I'll try and slip out early again, as there's nothing to keep me here. I'll leave at 1530. I'm planning on getting a hair cut this aft, as it's now too long to spike >_<. This is pissing me off. I'm just rambling on here, trying to kill time. No wonder no one reads my blog, it's just senseless rantings of me on Prozac. I think I'll make up a story later, or maybe a poem or something. Most likely about cats, or maybe some more cat devices.

Office hypothermia

So, they're driving me out by freezing me out!!! It is just freezing in here today! I haven't removed my jacket, and I have the space heater blasting at my feet, but I'm still frozen. I mean, if others find it cold in here (not just me) then it is cold!!! Last week, they all left early because it was too hot...I wonder if we can leave early because it's too cold? I swear, I'm going to come down with hypothermia, after sitting in this for 8 hours. I can't even type, my hands are frozen, and I think I have frostbite on my toes. How am I supposed to use the washroom if it's this cold? Turn off the damn AC!!! I have the sniffles now! It's cool outside, but possibly warmer than in here. If I get sick today, I am suing!!!!
So, it's over for the Sens. The little black duckie was in the wrong hands. Well, there's always next year, and hopefully it will be a different team, maybe even a Canadian one! Then the loss won't be so bad. This was definitely a national pride thing. It wouldn't have been so bad if Toronto won, for example.
I was trying out other blog sites, to see how user-friendly they are, but most of them aren't! Too complex for me. Too bad this site doesn't have more options like different layouts, nicer fonts, etc. I would like this to look better.


it's almost over here... just 2 more sleeps. In a way, it will be nice to find something more exciting than this. Hopefully, I'll work somewhere where the commute isn't so long, and where I'll have regular access to a Timmy's... it would be nice to have some decent coffee around here. It's freezing out today!!! This is unseasonable weather!!!!!! I can't wait till it warms up, and it would be sweeto to have some warm weather on Friday.


The little black duckie

I was mentioning earlier that I possess the power of the little black duckie. Well, let me explain. It was Satruday night, so my hottie and I went downtown to watch the Sens game on the street. They were playing the Ducks, and in a slump again. We were strolling down Elgin St, and we passed the Sugar Mountain candy store. I was disussing getting a "dead duck" earlier in the week, but I hadn't acted on it. So, we went in, asked the girl if they sold any, and she wasn't sure, but she checked. It was the last one, in the window. Apparently, they were pretty popular for Sens fans. They're black, with a pale green beak, with blood dripping out one corner, and x's for eyes. I bought it, then put it on a shoelace to make a noose. It had to have some sort of power, because as soon as I did that, and went up and down the street showing it to people, the Sens started scoring, and took the lead! Sweet! i think the Ducks got one in that time, but it was done. The Sens won 5-3. After the game, everyone on the street was going crazy, and we just walked around, cheering, and I was pointing at the duckie on a noose, getting cheers and laughs form passers by. It was a great night. We got tired of walking at about 1 am, so we got back in our car, and drove around honking, like everyone else (the game ended at about 11pm, but everyone was still pumped). I had the dead duckie hanging out the window (tied to my hand), and still getting cheers. At the corner, when we passed by, someone snatched it right out of my hand!! I felt a strong tug on it as we went by. No one had tried to take it from a moving car before, and we passed many crowds! I went back to see if I had just dropped it, but it was gone. We just gave up and went home. Last night, when the Sens lost again, it dawned on me... that duckie was lucky! I mean, it was the last one there, and the Sens came back after it was in my possession! Then again, it's not just any lucky device, I held the power of the little black duckie. It's powerless in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, it is in the wrong hands, and there is no way to get it back before tomorrow. I can't just buy another one, as it does not have any powers. It was only this one that was enchanted. Oh well, let's hope the Sens can do it without the duckie in my possession...Now, to wait and see.

Useless powers

I'll just mention what some of my useless powers are. They don't do me any good, I don't know why I even have them.

  • I have an innate ability to fix computers, software, and programs (well, that can be useful at times).
  • I can sense things. I'm not psychic, but I can sense when something is not right, or is about to happen.
  • I can skateboard. This serves no purpose at all, but it does help in looking cool.
  • I can communicate with cats. This way, they always talk to me a lot. Even strange cats who don't know me will chat.
  • I do complex origami.
  • I speak Japanese. This might be good if I ever get lost in Japan, but it's useless in Ottawa.
  • I possess the power of the little black duckie. It was stripped from me on Saturday, and it is useless in the wrong hands (I will elaborate later).

These are only a few, there are probably more that I haven't discovered yet.

Another change

For those of you who have been trying to locate mitsuneko.blogspot.com (I doubt if anyone was), it's now ottawamewmew. Just thought it would be appropiate, as I am a cat lady, in Ottawa, with useless powers. I have the perfect storyline for an anime series here. Actually, just so that Tokyo Mew Mew doesn't sue on copyright infringement, I'll change it to Ottawa Meow Meow. Little kitties mew, but big cats MEOW!!!

Beware of Cat

Today, they're supposed to be entering my apartment when I'm not home, to check the smoke detectors...Why? Every time I cook, the damn thing goes off! So, anyways, the notice said that all pets must be secured, but I was not going to lock Neko into the bedroom for the whole day. I called the office yesterday, and the little Russian lady said "ya, cat, is ok. Just put note on the door". So, this morning, before heading out, I put up a "Beware of Cat" sign!!! That will be funny! Now, if only I could see the looks on their faces when they come to the door and see that sign, then when they walk in, it's just a little tiny cat going "Meow" very loudly!!


One positive thing about this, is that I know for sure that I am not being let go due to any faults of my own. It's just that it's too slow around here, so they don't want to pay someone to sit around and blog all day. I can understand that. Oh well, I'm not too concerned, as they won't have my technical support services anymore!!!! If a computer or a system doesn't work, they'll have to call the help desk, and not get an answer till the next day!!! They won't have the convenience of just having me walk over and take a look at it, and have it fixed in 5 minutes!!! Serves them right!
So, I found out today that my contract will not be renewed here. What a piss-off! I had been told that I would get renewed for 20 weeks, and I was actually looking forward to it. Now, I have one week to find something for Monday morning. such short notice, and what a birthday present that is! Finding out that my contract ends on my birthday this Friday!! I am extremely furious about this, but I can't let it show. That is my life, constantly getting screwed over. Now you see why I can't trust anyone... I hate being led on like this. What bugs me here, is not the fact that it is over, but the fact that I was led to believe that there was something good about all this. Nothing good ever happens to me. At least I have lots of Prozac to take to get me through the week here. And some good references out of this.


I'm wandering alone in an open space, looking around for a human trace. Along the edge of this satellite losing the route in this empty sky. A prey of the ghosts of this galaxy, losing myself in this ecstasy. No clock is turning to sign the time, everything's floating through day and night. No noises breaking my silent star, I'm on the run, I can go so far. Flying in absence of gravity, feeling the vibe of eternity. This is the lesson I had to learn, this is the treasure I had to earn. I am the owner of Nowhere Land, Queen of the castle that's made of sand. Staring in front of the universe, maybe someday I'll be someone else. I'm sure I'll do it but till that day, here on my star, I am just a castaway... This is a song by the Benassi Bros., but it describes me perfectly. I do feel like I'm from outer space, just wandering around aimlessly
CAT KISSES Sandpaper kisses On a cheek or a chin-
That is the way
For a day to begin!
Sandpaper kisses A cuddle and a purr I have an alarm clock That's covered in fur! -Unknown
I don't post much on the weekends, it's just that there's too much to do, instead of being on the PC. the weather is nice, the leaves are out... why stay holed up inside? I'm going out to have my lunch in a bit, enjoy the nice weather and the scenery. I've never worked in a place that has such a nice view before!

a new addition

Last night, we had a new addition to our crew... a little fuzzy hamster. We were considering getting one to entertain Neko, so we picked one out. He has got to be the most energetic thing ever! All I could hear, was his running around the cage and on his wheel. Neko was so fascinated by him, watching him run around, and around. I want to get one of those balls to put him in, and let Neko go crazy!! My hottie decided to name him Boris, as he was a "russian" hamster, one of those little tiny ones, not the big ones that look like rats. I think it's so cute when he gets into a little defensive ball! teh best thing is, he's not afraid of Neko! She kept sticking her nose in the cage, and he would just sniff her. She sneezed on him twice this morning... I might have to return him if she's allergic.