I just decided to change the title so that it would be more representative of what I think. What's the meaning of all this? I mean, we compete with everyone, for no reason at all, and we get nowhere at the end of it. I came to this realization, while driving home last night. I got cut off, and road raged at, for what? So that we can get home, wake up tomorrow and do it all again? Now, I'm not being preachy or anything, but why is everyone so bitter? I don't go around getting pissed at anyone or anything, cause it's a waste of time. I just mind my own business, and try to lead an inoffensive life. Now, this will give you more insight into why I'm such an animal lover. They don't judge you, or offend you in any way. I have never heard a dog diss me, or a cat pick on me.

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