I've been talking about my cat, but I didn't mention that I own 9 fish as well. My bettas have got to be my favorites, as they actually have personality. Last summer, I had a blue betta named Sushi. He had to be the smartest fish around. He learned to come to the surface when I called his name, he would follow my finger and flare up on command. I didn't meet Neko yet, so I spent about 15 minutes each day, playing with him before feeding him. Unfortunately, Sushi was lonely. He was alone with only a chinese algae eater, who would not pay any attention to him. One day, I came home, and I didn't see him. I asked my boyfriend, "Where's Sushi"?!! He found Sushi on the floor, dehydrated but still alive. We put him in a glass of water, and added some stress coat. He swam around a bit, but his fins were all stiff, not flowing like they should be. The next morning, Sushi died. Poor Sushi, attempting suicide like that. In a couple of days, I went to Petsmart to get another betta. I wanted a smart one, so I picked out the 3 best looking ones, pushed their cups together, and waited to see who would flare first. The one who did, was a spiky-finned red betta, who seemed very active. I chose him, and took him home. We named him Sashimi. Sashimi is still alive, up until now (it's been 9 months) and is as agressive as ever. He's not smart, as he flares, all day, at nothing but the wall, but he will come to the surface when I come close. He attacks his food, as if he thinks he's a piranha or something. He only lives to fight, I think. Oh well, at least I can rest assured that a dumb, angry fish will not commit suicide, but to be sure, I've put a lid on the aquarium!

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